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Display your boards in style...

Whether you skate, shred, or surf, the Gnar Bar from Royal Racks allows you to store and display your board year-round. Don’t shove your boards in a closet or prop them against a wall. Your boards are not only tools for sport but they are works of art. Our display-style wall mounts allow you to keep your board conveniently located and proudly showcased in any room or garage. Get enough to display your full collection and arrange them wherever and however you want with a functional and stylish solution. Grab a Gnar Bar for each of your boards today!

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Easy Use = Easy Life

Our functional design incorporates any snowboard or skateboard and allows you to easily retrieve them and display them correctly. Gnar Bars give your boards a dedicated living space that is easy to access for use or maintenance. There is never a need to shuffle them around in storage or rearrange them when seasons change. Gnar Bars give all of your boards a dedicated home that is convenient, practical, and easy. Learn more about how these racks operate, how easy they are to use, and how to get yours today.

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Our Story

What started as a passion project turned into a full-fledged board storage solution. The idea for Gnar Bars came from Royal Racks’ founder, who has a passion for boarding sports and wanted to find a way to store boards at home without having to take up too much room in the house. He wanted something that would take up less space than traditional board racks but could handle any of his boards, year-round. After being tired of having to store his boards in the garage and having them fall constantly, Brandon decided to build a board rack that not only looked good, but that could hold any board, any season.

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