4 Things You Didn't Know About Longboards

4 Things You Didn't Know About Longboards

If you’ve been to a city, college campus, skatepark, or even a long downhill road in the past few years, there’s a strong chance that you’ve seen what looks like someone extremely talented and good-looking on a longboard — not to be confused with its smaller cousin, the skateboard. These days more people are on longboards than ever before and for good reason! Read on to learn why, or start shopping today from Royal Racks transportation!

Brightly colored longboards

There are Almost Too Many Styles to Pick From

Longboards come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional skateboard shapes to long, flat cruisers. And for the more adventurous (or casual, depending on the trucks) there’s the unique drop deck style which lends itself to a strong center of gravity for those of us looking for speed.

Longboarding down hill

They’re Perfect for Bombing Hills...

Bombing hills (to tear down them as fast as you can) on a longboard is a time-honored tradition, with scars as trophies and complimentary road rash for people who don’t have what it takes to stay onboard. Longboards are built for fast transportation, and nowhere is that more evident than at the top of a hill.

Person about to head down street on longboard

…Or Carving Your Own Path

Despite their reputation for speed, speed is not the only… speed… of a longboard. Yep, many longboarders enjoy a nice steady cruise with minimal hills and lots of opportunity to utilize every longboarder’s favorite piece of kit: your trucks. Every longboard comes equipped with a pair of flexible trucks that allow you to steer and pivot, so the deeper you carve, the tighter your turning, giving you an experience close to snowboarding!

Unique longboards against the wall

They’re Customizable

Almost every piece on your longboard is customizable, from the deck to the bearings. So if you want something built for cruising and carving, you could go with a flexible baseboard and trucks built to carve, with bearings that won’t send you flying. Or, if you’ve just gotta go fast, slippery bearings and a stiff board are a must for stability and avoiding speed wobbles!

Start shopping with Royal Racks today, or get in touch with us if you want to talk about longboards, snowboarding, and all things meant to shred (guitars are appreciated but not included in our list).

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