About Us

The Inspiration

The thought of a board rack started in a garage after a daily longboard session came to an end with a buddy.  We were done riding for the day and wanted a way to mount all of our boards on the wall, maybe even inside our homes.  The idea was to store our boards in some organized way for when we weren’t out riding.  I then continued the project with passion and persistence for a dedicated 9 prototypes, the was to design the best possible way to display our skateboards and snowboards. It was then that I realized, after seeing the board float there on the wall, Royal Racks was doing much more then mounting boards, we were creating a way to display our passion.  From the riders sharing memories with their boards to the daily commuter getting their board out of the corner, our form of art is now displayed like a canvas for all to see.


The Team

The existence of Royal Racks came from the pure passion that goes along with stepping on a board, seeking a line, and letting loose. Having a team that wasn’t equally as passionate just wasn’t an option.  We believe that by enabling each individual’s unique skill set, while promoting creativity and freedom, we have the talent to create something quite unique for our community.  As a team, we invite you to join us on our journey as we share our vision of lifestyle and creativity with shredders of every altitude.


The Product

The Gnar Bar Collection is a new standard in function, durability, and style for wall mounted board racks.  This simple design stemmed from the want for a better working, longer lasting, and better looking board rack.  They say, “All good things happen with time”,  the Gnar Bar Collection is no exception.  Join us as we share the life of the product that we now are so stoked about.


The Vision

Royal Racks will constantly be presenting the Gnar Bar in as many art forms and applications as possible.  We aim to give riders and shops alike, a chance to view their boards as artistic expressions and present them in a creative way.  Function, quality, and versatility come to mind when choosing your gear, we think the same should come to mind when securing your board at the end of the day.