How does the Gnar Bar work?
The Gnar Bar is a spring loaded clamp that automatically adjust to hold any board from 8-10.5".  Just grab the left end and open the rack with ease.
What comes with each order?
Each rack order comes with mounting screws AND drywall anchors. This will give you everything you need to mount your rack right away.  We also throw in some stickers and discounts to 1st time orders.
What makes the Gnar Bar unique?
The #1 feature we hear about is how well it is made.  We designed and used materials that will allow you to have the rack for a lifetime. Our clamping system makes it very easy to load and unload the rack. It is also the only board rack that will vertically display any type of board.
  • snowboard (with or without bindings)
  • skateboard (completes and decks)
  • longboard (e-boards to cruisers)
How heavy of a board will the Gnar Bar hold?
We have tested electric longboards that have weighed up to 22lbs.